Kidnap and Ransom

Insurance (Support to Ship Owners): Ship Owners Contingency Cover (SHOCC)

Ship Owner's Contingency Cover (SHOCC) is a 'standalone' Kidnap and Ransom (K&R) Policy that indemnifies Ship Owners from the loss of having to pay a ransom for the release of crew that have been kidnapped. The cover is available for either an individual Ship or an entire Fleet.

ISS, linked to SHOCC Underwriters and nominated Risk Advisors, are tasked with advising on the negotiation of the release of kidnapped crew and have the infrastructure in place to oversee the delivery of ransoms paid by ship owners.

ISS also provides Risk Management advice including training and target hardening of the vessel and its crew. In addition, ISS has the manpower to put in place advisory personnel onboard vessels during transits through high risk regions providing additional protection. As a goodwill gesture the Underwriters have agreed to offer a discount on their SHOCC Premiums if a vessel's transit is supported by ISS with a pre-transit Risk and Security Assessment and/or Advisory Personnel in situ.

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