Nemesis 5000

NemesisInfinite Security Solutions (ISS) is Asia's Representative for the revolutionary Nemesis 5000 Anti-Piracy (Boarding Deterrent) System.

There are a number of threat responses currently being employed i.e. Vessel hardening, Armed or Unarmed security solutions, Razor Wire etc. neither of which on their own, or in combination, have proven themselves to be full proof.

The Nemesis 5000 however, offers a practical and comprehensive security solution to the ongoing piracy threat. The system supplies a High impact water jet curtain around the perimeter of the vessel. Water velocity ranges from 143 to 151km/hr.

It uses available utilities (hydraulically operated from Fire Main), is easy to install, operate and maintain, functions automatically (alleviating any risk to crew) whilst giving 360? vessel protection. Note: Accepted by BV / ABS / Lloyds.

The Nemesis 5000 offers an effective, un-manned, non-lethal response to hostile boarding attacks.

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