Integrated Safety & Security Management System

The ISS Safety & Security Management System is designed to support your Organisation's Risk and Security requirements whether on Land or in a Maritime environment. It can be used for single or multi-location Organisations to interface with and help manage existing software required by a central user who needs up-to-date information on either a single or multiple-screen control point. In addition, the programmecan be loaded with your Organisation's Security Assessments, Plans and SOPs as well supporting Incidents, Events, Training, Drills&Exercises and a comprehensive range of other Safety and/or Security related operational applications. It is suitable for all types of Organisations and, in particular, is ideal for Ship Operators, Ship Management companies, Port Facilities (Air and Maritime), Port Authorities, Government Agencies or the Offshore Oil & Gas Industry.

This product supports and manages the planning and operational needs demanded by Security Regulations facilitating maintenance of compliance with codes including the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) International Ship & Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code and accreditations such as ISO 28000: Supply Chain Security. Importantly, it also enables the integration of existing information sources, allowing organisations to gain a wider security perspective.