ISS , through our technical solutions and equipment partner, offers a Mobile Satellite Service (MSS) with Pole-to-Pole coverage over the entire globe, including the Poles, enabling clients to deploy their personnel & equipment anywhere in the world. The constellation of Low-Earth Orbiting (LEO), cross-linked satellites provides critical voice and data services for areas not served by terrestrial communication networks, enabling operations in remote and hostile environments, complete with a comprehensive range of Cyber Security capabilities.

It also provides Maritime solutions ranging from sub-sea monitoring and tracking solutions, to surface systems and vessel borne technologies.

Monitored from our HQ in Singapore the trackers can be overt or covert, and divided into two types, for either Personal or Vehicle tracking requirements.

Other solutions in the portfolio include applications specifically designed to protect and conceal sensitive data on computers, whilst also providing online anonymity and security, thereby overcoming issues of hostile surveillance or forensic investigation and reducing the risk of being identified or targeted, as well as a "panic" function allowing the user to move immediately from covert to "cover" mode in a threatening situation.

Another product is a powerful, user friendly, multi-purpose forensic surveillance and technical intelligence tool which improves and simplifies the digital evidence collection process.

Our client base represents a broad spectrum of industry, including, but not limited to; Maritime, Aeronautical, Government (Defence, Public Safety), Utilities, Oil & Gas, Mining, Forestry, Heavy Equipment and Transportation.