Who are ISS

ISS is a Specialist Business Risk Management & Security Consultancy which has established a strong reputation for its thorough and detailed approach to identifying, assessing, mitigating & managing risk so as to enable its clients to protect their staff, safeguard their assets and investments, concentrate on their business operations and pursue new opportunities.

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Peace of mind

ISS has extensive experience in Risk and Security Management which allows us to easily identify individual clients' requirements, and produce a suitable solution ensuring absolute customer satisfaction and, above all, peace of mind.


Comprehensive solutions

With a wealth of experience and knowledge and a trusted global network of professional consultants, we have the the skills and capabilities to identify and deliver the strategies and solutions that help you manage your risk, even in areas which may be presently unforeseen by your team.


Your testimonials

Real opinions from real customers

Infinite Security Solutions has provided an outstanding service to meet our specific requirements

The professionalism, understanding and handling of a tricky situation by ISS, both in terms of the immediate security threat and the wider political situation, were second to none

Having approached ISS with a specific need, personnel were in place within 48 hours

Infinite Security Solutions were able to adapt and provide a long term plan which suited our needs perfectly

The experience and depth of knowledge of ISS personnel extended beyond the pure provision of security

The greatest asset that our company has admired in your performance to date is your personal qualities such as loyalty and honestly especially when dealing directly with our clients


Our offices

We operate around the world, located in strategic positions in order to monitor our worldwide operations.

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